Yoga for Flexibility and Stretching Low Lunge or Crescent Pose

Hi I’m Sophie and today I’m going to teach you a couple of poses which are really really good for opening up the hip flexors hamstrings and lower back this is gonna be hanuman Asana and Crescent pose so before doing either of these poses you gain want to make sure, if you’ve done at least ten Suns rotation a and ten Sun Salutation B and preferably some hamstring warm-ups. And also some hip flexor opening as well I would suggest doing things like normal lunge positions triangle pose Amon Asana anything that works on hamstrings forward fold and Josh Pastner emeriti Schaffner that we did in previous posts anyway so to come into this what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start off in downward facing dog and we’re gonna inhale our right foot up high to the sky. And then step the right foot forward in between your hands and drop the back knee down onto the mat and tap the back toes inhale take your hands all the way up towards the sky you gotta breathe we’re hitting a nice stretch to the front of the left hip. And also through the back of the right thigh when you’re in this position you want to press down through the toenails at the back foot onto the mat. And also press down to the front big toe or the Frankie you want to make sure that the friendly does not come over the ankle it is directly above the ankle or just a little bit behind there reaching hands up towards the sky bringing a slight curve through the back and here it’s really important to make sure you just don’t don’t dump all of the pressure into the lower back you’re really engaging through the core.

Yoga for Flexibility and Stretching Low Lunge or Crescent Pose Photo Gallery

So that you protect the lower back you make this nice even curve through the spine so now I’ll just do this you’re going to lift up slowly do the chest back do allow the hips to drop forwards engaging your core. And then taking the hands up towards the sky I’m gonna breathe here by for three two and one and I exhale take the hands back down to the mat we’re gonna inhale look up lengthen exhale straighten your right leg flex the right foot and we’re gonna inhale look up lengthen again exhale taking your tummy down towards your thigh nose towards your knee. So this is half hanuman Asana or half splits position this is a very challenging pose in itself again you may not be where I am today you cut me up here or perhaps you’re actually going to be holding on to some blocks or some books or something pillows underneath your hands here it’s much better for you to have the leg nice and straight. But don’t lock out the knee just keep it very small micro bend in it then having the knee bent.

And being further down which is going to prevent stretching the hamstring so from here we’re going again inhale look up lengthen exhale fold fold in here feel five reps, if you want to take a little bit further and start to walk to the right a little bit increasing the stretch behind we’ve done five breaths you’re going to inhale look up lengthen exhale all the way back forwards come back into your down shoes. And then we’re gonna get inhale exhale back then we’re going to change sides to take both palms flat tuck the toes straighten through the back leg set the right foot all the way up and through two three legged dog. And then placing the right foot back down on the mat we’re gonna roll forwards to high plank chaturanga up dog and down dog then you do the same thing on the left side. So Inhale left foot hike the sky exhale step it left foot forward between the hands and again drop the back knee down untuck the back toes inhale sweep the hands high you’ve got towards the sky breathing here for five you press down through the toenails at the back foot grounding down through your front big toe engaging through the core looking up towards the sky two and one in exhale take the hands down B inhale lengthen exhale straighten your left leg flex the left foot and again inhale look up lengthen exhale to fold breathe in here again as the five looking towards your big toe using every inhale to create a little bit more length maybe come up a little bit every exhale to fold deeper four three how about two more inhale forward exhale back in half woods and exhale back lovely then coming all the way back to Franklin Matt again take the palms flat tuck the toes behind straighten the back leg and to the left foot all the way through three-legged dog take the foot down come forwards high plank chaturanga up dog and down dog.

So that is your present lunch and half hanuman Asana some really good hip flexor opening and hamstring opening stretches thank you very much for doing these poses with me today I really hope you enjoyed them and, if you do have any questions you can comment below or, if you like to subscribe you can do so much thank you very much and namaste.

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