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“The body is the temple of the spirit, conceived in the image of its maker.❠This is the very first of the eternal truths that I attempt to impress upon students so that each one becomes aware of the infinite power and beauty of her own, individual body. As this fact begins to penetrate the consciousness there is a natural attempt on the part of the student to cultivate those characteristics of beauty which lie within her. The Yoga techniques are unsurpassed tor this purpose, as we shall see.

We have already stressed the necessity tor attempting to perform the Yoga movements with poise and balance, since these are essential qualities of beauty. There is something magnetic and radiant about the woman who moves, gestures, walks, sits and stands with natural grace and poise. She reflects an eternal aspect of true femininity. However, these movements cannot be successfully contrived, that is, you cannot copy or impose them upon yourself; they must flow rhythmically and naturally from the center of your being.

Poise, balance, grace and a beautiful carriage emerge naturally from the Yoga practice. Stiffness of the joints and limbs, a condition that inhibits poise and good posture are eliminated through the stretching exercises. The slow motion, ballet-type❠routines fhat we will perform later impart a strong sense of rhythm and balance. These qualities are carried over into all et your daily activities and, although subtle, are felt by everyone who comes in contact with them. People who have not seen you- for,, some time will inquire, What have ^ou been doing? You look different put I don’t know exactly what it is.❠The difference❠reflects the poise and confidence gained through Yoga.

Therefore, we make a conscious attempt to execute all of our exercises gracefully and rhythmically and, in turn, the very performance of these movements imparts the poise and balance we are seeking to manifest.

Yoga for fitness for William Kannel, the Framingham team published its seminal report on factors of risk for the development of coronary heart disease. In addition to Yoga for fitness affirming the harmful effects of smoking, the report marked the first time that blood pressure and cholesterol were convincingly identified as risk factors for heart disease. At the same time, Dr. Desmond Julian of the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh argued for concentrating all heart attack patients in a coronary care unit in order to decrease the unacceptably high fatality rate, so that they could be monitored more effectively by those specialized in treating them. This recommendation coincided with Yoga for fitness the refinement by Drs. Bernard Lown and Barouh Berkovitz in of the external defibrillator, a device that delivers direct electrical current to a patient in order to convert unhealthy heart rhythms like ventricular fibrillation, which is fatal back to normal sinus rhythm. The concentration of resources within the coronary care unit led to the advent of more advanced treatments for heart attacks, including cardiopulmonary bypass also known as the heart-lung machine, which serves as a temporary circulatory system during surgery coronary artery bypass surgery replacing one or more of the coronary arteries with a graft from the leg fibrinolytics designed to dissolve the clots that lead to heart attacks balloon angioplasty and coronary stenting tubes inserted into the heart designed to open blocked arteries potent anti-platelet and anti-thrombotic medications blood thinners and blood pressure-and cholesterol-lowering medicines. Yoga for fitness photos, Yoga for fitness 2016.

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