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When an individual practises yoga and ascends in rapid steps skipping some of the levels, but then stops in the middle due to some obstruction, feeling satisfied with his experience of some level of spiritual ascent, and therefore is unable to follow the path leading to the highest spiritual level, or when he is unable due to obstacles to achieve the desired identification with the supreme Being, what happens to him when he dies? This is answered by the author in the above verse in the phrase beginning with fallen from the path of yoga etc. The word yoga-bhrasta refers to one who has fallen from the path of both yoga and samtldhi union with the supreme as has been observed in the holy scriptures. What happens to him the yoga-bhrasta? The reply |in the verse is that when such a person dies, he becomes lord of those regions where he is able to enjoy various heavenly pleasures, such as numerous damsels, food, drink, the wearing of beautiful garlands or clothes, the application of beautiful pastes and listening to music, and so on consistent with his level of ascent. When his eligibility for such enjoyment comes to an end, how can he again be regarded as one fallen from the path of yoga? The reply is that when the residual impressions about the ascent from the level of the mUlSdhSra cakra etc. arise, then on his subsequent rebirth, he gets a body which serves as a fit vehicle to practice yoga wliidi he strives to perform in his next life.

He easily ascends to the highest level of the supreme Being and becomes Siva after separation from his physical body at death. Spiritual adepts engaged in the practice of yoga are not often able to secure a resting place at any single level owing to the fickle nature of the mind, but what happens after death to those with a firm faith in yoga is explained by the author in the following two verses: One who though labouring on the path of yoga leading to the supreme Being does not attain him, shares in the delights of the world of the gods where he rejoices with a glad spirit. Just as an emperor is universally adored by all the people in his kingdom, he, though fallen from the path of yoga, is adored by all the gods. As has been explained repeatedly in previous pages, if a spiritual adept who has practised yoga with faith and devotion leading to the ultimate self-realisation dies without having secured a resting place for his mind

Achieved stillness of mind because of its fickle nature, then he, fallen from the path of yoga, remains in a delightful condition for a long time, enjoying the pleasures of the higher regions due to his firm faith in and deep devotion to the yoga of knowledge. Such a person is adored by the people residing on his level of existence on earth and by the gods in their kingdom. How? This is answered in the above verse by the phrase beginning with the word universal.

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