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Yoga for feet on The different stages of concentration referred to in classical yoga are thus regarded as progressions of pranayama in hatha yoga. Nevertheless, stillness of mind and freedom from karmic effects do not constitute liberation; for this the yogin has to raise the kundalind (and along with it the pranas) to the sahasrara and be able to hold her there as long as he wills. To do this he must first pierce the cakras, each of which is a barrier to be overcome, especially the granthis (knots), where the power of maya is particularly strong. Kundalind is roused by a combination of asana, mudra, bandha, kumbhaka and mantra. For example, the HYP says that siddhasana is the opener of the door to salvation (1.37), and mahamudra, in conjunction with jalandhara bandha, is said to make the kundalind become straight like a stick in the susumna (3.11). Yoga for feet 2016.

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