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However in those who are ignorant, the real Self remains concealed in the body. This is the difference between the two. Thus though bodily characteristics remain the same in enlightened and ignorant beings, there is no similarity in them with respect to their consequences. This has been stated in the Yoga Gita thus: Even enlightened beings behave in conformity with their own nature. Beings follow their own nature, therefore, of what use is restraint? IYoga Gita 111.

The difference in the intensity of divine grace descending on individuals engaged in the practice of the yoga of knowledge lies in its being bestowed either all at once or in gradual steps. This accounts for the apparently different results of that grace in different seekers, as explained by the author in the following verse:1 Upon hearing the words of his teacher, divine grace descends on him in great intensity and he immediately finds the path to the Supreme Being and without any hinderance becomes Siva. The moment a fortunate individual receives instructions from the spiritual teacher regarding the secret way to attain the realisation of his divine1 nature, which is characterised by absolute divine freedom, he immediately becomes Siva. As has been said in the Srikula: Beloved one, an individual, upon whom the enlightened spiritual teacher casts his glance easily, or sportively, or out of love, is liberated at once. It may be asked how such secret knowledge is made available to the individual being from the lips of the teacher.

The reply given in the verse is when divine grace descends on him with great intensity. In other words after realising his divine essence by hearing about it from the mouth of the teacher, the Lord’s grace, in an extremely intense form, descends into the lotus heart of the fettered being and thus he becomes Siva. This is like the transformation of copper into gold on account of being submerged in an alchemic liquid. The individual being obtains the knowledge of his divine essence by the grace of the supreme Lord, thus repetition of the name of the Lord, meditation, and sacrifice, etc. are of no use to him.

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