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The individual being whose heart is pierced by the power of the grace of the Lord is forcibly and immediately attracted towards the secret spiritual knowledge emanating from the mouth of the Lord, and consequently he attains divinity immediately. Thus the effect of the descent of divine grace is without any parallel. About this one should not entertain any doubt. Persons who receive grace in a medium, or a less intense, or a very mild form attain Siva by following the instructions of the teacher, after meditating on them the instructions until they die, and by performing the spiritual discipline consistent with the intensity of grace infused in them. This is described in the following verse: Some, after ascending in gradual steps to the level of the all-transcending supreme Being, become identical to Siva when they establish themselves firmly in the supreme principle.

The individual being who has received grace in a mild form is unable to fully realise the instruction about the supreme knowledge. Therefore he visualises the divine essence in all the tattvas in gradual steps through the centres cakras, the pubic, navel, heart, throat, tongue, bindu, and nada, which are all ascending steps leading to the realisation of the divine Yoga Sakti in full form. The ascent is accomplished by moving from the lower steps through the higher ones in a gradual way.

The first step of the ascent is the pubic cakrn, then the navel cakra, then the heart cnkra and so on. The individual, after firmly recognising his identity with the supreme Being, becomes of the nature of Siva in gradual steps, achieving liberation following the destruction of the physical body. This is known as the liberation in gradual steps. 1 If the spiritual adept, who practices yoga in gradual steps after attaining a firm conviction is unable to achieve identity with the supreme Being due to some obstacle, then what happens to him when he dies without attaining the highest realisation in this lifetime? This is explained in the following two versesl: A person who yearns to reach the level of the highest Being but who stops in midstream without reaching the goal and who dies one day, is called in the scriptures a yoga-bhrasta, one who has fallen from the path of yoga. He remains in a happy state, and shares in the various delights of the world of the gods, and attains 6ivahood in the following life.

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