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Yoga for dogs on The progress upwards may thus be externally verified by others. When the sakti has reached the sahasrara the whole body is cold and corpselike; except the top of the skull, where some warmth is felt.61 Merely raising the kundalind and taking the pranas into the susumna does not constitute liberation, however. First of all, the yogin must be able to hold the pranas in the susumna for as long as he wishes. Woodroffe, quoting a commentary on HYP 2.12, states, If the prana is retained for a particular time it is called pratyahara, if for a longer time it is called dharana and so on until samadhi is attained, which is equivalent to its retention for the longest period. 62 This retention, however, is retention of the pranas (along with kundalind) in the susumna and not merely retention of breath in the lungs. Yoga for dogs 2016.

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