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Such enlightened and holy persons are liberated immediately after they receive illumination, and the continuing impressions due to the connection with the body cannot put such persons in bondage. This has been stated hundreds of times before. On the other hand, an individual being, having identified himself with his physical body, is subject to the laws of merit and demerit. How can such a person, afflicted by the experience of pleasure and pain arising out of his bodily connection, escape from being identified with his body? It has rightly been said in the Yoga Gita: When the body of an embodied being goes to dissolution while sattva is predominant, such a person, knowing the supreme Being, goes to the spotless worlds of great sages. I Yoga Gita XIV. 14 Sattva etc. are constituents of prakrti. Therefore these qualities of sattva, rajas, and tamas can control those who become identified with prakrti; but they cannot affect the spiritual adepts who by obtaining discriminative wisdom have achieved separation from it. Therefore, the path followed by an enlightened one is different. Fettered individuals who have not come in contact with teachers project their own characteristics onto others.

They think: If such a person is enlightened, then why should he suffer from a disease like other people? Or if he’s enlightened then why did he become decompose into matter when he died? Or why could he not remember his real nature when he died? This is how those who are subject to ignorance convince others about an enlightened one’s real nature through reasoning. But there is no fault if a person is enlightened and has also identified himself with a physical body. The self-effulgent nature of an enlightened person under any circumstance remains self-effulgent and it never disappears from his view; hence he continues to have the experience of his real nature and his knowledge about his real Self is never destroyed. Though Lord Vasudeva was endowed with the six divine attributes, he left his mortal body in his incarnation as Krsna when pierced by a hunter’s arrow. Did his nature as the supreme Godhead become eclipsed as a consequence of this? All beings, from a worm up to sadilMva, have some knowledge of the Self despite their remaining identified with their bodies, but some, the enlightened beings, are always equipped with the knowledge of the real divine Self.

Yoga for disabled for Neither is it true, as vulgarly believed, that the heart by any dilatation or motion of its own, has the power of drawing the blood into the ventricles for when it acts and becomes tense, the blood is expelled when it relaxes and sinks together it receives the blood in the manner and wise which will by-and-by be explained. Source Bartlebyom. Global Atlas on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Control, World Health Organization, Paradoxical as it may seem at first, as the world becomes healthier and wealthier, the problem of cardiovascular disease increases. That is, as communicable diseases take fewer lives, people live longer and become more likely to suffer chronic conditions such as heart disease. Moreover, increased wealth leads people to shift from vegetable-based diets to meat-and dairy-based diets, which contribute to heart disease. As this comprehensive World Health Organization study makes clear, heart disease, already the world’s number one killer, is likely to become even more prevalent than it already is. Yoga for disabled photos, Yoga for disabled 2016.

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