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To produce sound etc.; the failure of the intellect to produce determinate cognition; of the mind to concentrate; even of the ego to produce the sense of individuality; of the memory to recapitulate the things experienced in the past; all these occur at the time of death. The individual on the verge of death is often, upon being asked by a friend, unable to recognise any object lying before him, even if he has experienced it repeatedly before. Therefore for one who has never meditated on God, receiving instruction about the supreme Being, or giving away gifts on the eve of death, or any other such action is like a picture drawn on the sky and does not then get fixed or leave any impression on his mind. Nevertheless all such actions should be performed as a matter of duty; this is the instruction.

Interruption of the breath by hiccups, pain, or a breaking sensation in the joints, and diseases like fever, dysentery, etc., all cause distress. Similarly, the disturbance in the equilibrium of the three vital humours, wind, bile, and phlegm in the body causes the experience of pain. All these are the suffering arising from an individual’s connection to the body. This suffering is inevitable due to that connection.

Hence, how can an enlightened being who is embodied escape from this; he has to suffer them all. But the enlightened one, who has overcome his false identification with the physical body after identifying himself with the supreme Lord, does not deviate from his essence, his self-experience as pure consciousness, despite his being conscious of his relationship with his physical body at the lime of death. It is because of this that the spiritual adept who has forsaken his intimate connection with the physical body does not become a forced victim of the enjoyment of or suffering from worldly objects, like other worldly ensnared persons, who do so until their bodies fall away in the course of time. Such a person is pure at heart and impelled by pious resolve always keeps himself engaged in pious deeds. One who has cultivated devotion to God does not face any new problems.

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