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Thus also the Self is in him, the same as when at the hour of enlightenment it once and for all is revealed to him, and it does not change upon the dissolution of the body. Therefore the embodied fettered soul associated with the karma defilement, performs actions that generate corresponding impressions from which he becomes the enjoyer of their fruit in the form of heaven etc.. In this way, he becomes the enjoyer of the fruit of deep impressions from his actions unconsciously left on his mind which fructify and yield results. In a like manner, a fettered soul impelled by the impressions of past impious deeds becomes the enjoyer of their fruits in the form of hell.

The body is the instrument for the enjoyment of the fruits of both kinds of actions. When this body is destroyed in the course of time, then the residual impressions of the deeds performed in it cause an individual’s association with another body, in accordance with his fitness. Once again the residual impressions of deeds generate a specific inclination, which forces the individual to adopt the appropriate kind of body to serve as the instrument for the enjoyment of that inclination. In the same way, when the true nature of the Self is revealed to the disciple through the instructions of the teacher, or in other words, when he is restored to his divine nature and is endowed with unrestricted freedom, then the corresponding impressions become firmly rooted in him and are manifested as such. His true nature thus revealed before the falling away of his body, does not again get veiled by another worldly manifestation.

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