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Yoga for core for It defined a child as a person under the age of who has not achieved his or her majority according to the laws of his or her home country. It also defined labor as any economic activity, including both paid and unpaid work and stated that financial exploitation was a violation of children’s human rights. The ILO’s International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour IPEC also delineated two exemptions to these schooling and age minimums hazardous work and light work. Hazardous work, or anything that is likely to jeopardize a child’s physical, mental, or moral health, should not be performed by anyone under age years. However, children as young as can be so employed under strict conditions in which the child’s safety is protected and proper training is provided. The second exemption, light work, includes household chores or other activities that do not threaten a child’s health and safety and do not interfere with his or her education or vocational training. Light work is permissible for children at least years old. Yoga for core photos, Yoga for core 2016.


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