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Yoga for climbers for STR AFP Getty Images Theoretical Background Work performed by children, or economic activities that do not impede a child’s safety or development, is still acceptable and expected in both developing and developed countries. This is defined primarily by the work completed for educational and vocational training or done in the child’s own home for the benefit of the child’s family, including unpaid care of other children or the elderly, household chores, and minor repairs to the dwelling or domestic equipment. It is understood that this kind of work is beneficial to the child’s development, whereas child labor implies that harm is done to the child. In the ILO’s Convention set a minimum working age of in developed countries and in developing countries. Ideally, this would allow children to attend school until adolescence and obtain a satisfactory minimal education. However, many countries did not ratify this declaration and age limits are difficult to enforce in countries where legal records are sparse and age is difficult to verify. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child UN-CRC attempted to classify child labor more generally. Yoga for climbers photos, Yoga for climbers 2016.

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