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This is because all individual beings achieve oneness with that upon which they reflect deeply and for a long time. But whatever they desire in clear terms at the time of their death, that object and no other manifests before them. Objects that they never contemplated during their lifetimes and whose residual impressions therefore do not persist cannot present themselves before them. Thus in all cases an individual’s unwavering reflection on objects is the cause for his attraction towards those particular objects or his achieving them. In the same way, a realised soul who is completely identified with the Lord at the time of death achieves the manifestation of fullness.

Therefore one should not regard his association with merit or demerit in worldly life as the cause for obtaining heaven or hell. This has been explained by the author in the following two verses: The last moment in life, which serves to produce a state of merit or demerit, becomes a cause of destiny in ignorant ones, but this is not the case for an enlightened one who determines the course of his destiny. Those who at that hour realise their state to be that of the Self, even though they be an animal, bird, or creeping creature, or the like, are nevertheless purified by the insight they had in a previous time, and now proceed on that course their chosen destiny, With respect to an enlightened person, the nature of his last moment at the time of physical death may lead one to suppose that there is merit or demerit in him, because there are deformities in his body or because a serious accident has happened to it. This is true for the death of an ignorant person who experiences the Self in the not-self, such as the body etc., and in whom, therefore, demerit is the cause for this kind of suffering.

Yoga for children for In the edition of the American Federalist, he contended that it was part of the mission of wage earners to eliminate the labor of children from the field of modern industry to see that they are given full opportunity for physical and mental development. Child labor began to decline in the West only after industry came under social pressure to cease employing minors. For example, coal mines employed young boys even after the development of labor-saving technology made their employment obsolete. An inflated labor market and the resulting low wages deterred the mines from investing in the new technology. It was not until the continued anti-child labor movement made it more difficult, though not impossible, to hire boys that the mine owners began to make changes. By World War II, child labor in the West had greatly diminished. Many industries had invested in advanced machinery that increased productivity and reduced the need for unskilled labor. Yoga for children photos, Yoga for children 2016.

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