Yoga for Cervical Spondylosis gomukh Asana

Namaskar and baby duck and welcome to an annual yoga for cervical spondylosis cervical spondylosis is caused. Because of degeneration in the cervical spine the symptoms are pain in the neck abnormal sensations or numbness in a folders. And your pants. And also stiffness in the neck this set of yoga acids will help you to release the pain in the neck it will also help you to strengthen the neck muscles.

Yoga for Cervical Spondylosis gomukh Asana Photo Gallery

And stop the growth of cervical spondylosis gomukh Asana the cow face pose this Asana will help you reduce the pain from the neck to go in this arson bring the legs closer to each other bend the left leg place the feed by the side of the knee. And then take the right feet between the leg such that the heel of the right feet is touching your body then take the left feet by the side touching the heat heel touching the body.

And me one about the other the hat the leg which is up the opposite hand should go up from the side you take the hand up. And the other hand goes from down. And you are locking the hands you are catching one hand with the other keep the face up close your eyes and maintain the hand is such that you’re catching your hands in this manner either like this or in this way when you feel like coming out open your eyes slowly release the hands then take one one leg in front and relax the same thing has to be done on the other side also taking the other hand up since you’re doing this for the neck you need not have the leg position. But just do the hand positions you.

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