Yoga for Building Strength Osteoporosis

When we’re using our yoga practice to build strength we have to also balance that with rest. Because the muscles get worn out and they need that time to recover now, if you’re working with challenges associated with osteoporosis forward folds are contraindicated. So we want to support the back and create more of a backbend and I have this wonderful arrangement here with a folded up blanket I just made an accordion fold. And the top fold is a little bit narrower. So It’s gonna support the spine.

Yoga for Building Strength Osteoporosis Photo Gallery

And then we have this nice towel supporting the head. And the neck. And we want to protect the low back. So we bring this fold right up to the low back use the arms to help you come down keeping the knees bent to protect the low back you might want to scoot your hips away from the ribs. And then rest taking breaks during your practice or after your practice is a wonderful idea and having a little bit of support behind the spine is very helpful especially, if you’re working with challenges associated with osteoporosis there’s this effect of the ribs opening up like a clamshell and all of a sudden the diaphragm has a lot more room to move the belly organs out of the way on the in breaths. And it becomes very easy for the belly to fall back towards the front spine on the out breaths I hope you enjoy this practice and rest after your wonderful yoga workout I’m Debra Devine for healing yoga.

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