Yoga for Breast Cancer

Our yoga practice can be a real boon when we’re dealing with breast cancer in the post that we did we focused a lot on the front of the body. And it’s very important to keep broadening through the collar bones and we’re going to be just taking our focus to the back of the body we’re focused on the arms there’s an external rotation of the femur which creates a little bit more space for the connective tissue. And the muscles to stretch out. And then as that’s happening on the front of the body what’s happening is there’s the squeezing and toning of the muscles around where the arm. And the back come together.

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So this external rotation is creating more tone in toward the back use your breath and move deeply into the areas that are calling for attention long slow smooth in brats and long slow smooth and complete out breaths. And then you can also just rest your arm maybe shake it out a little bit. And then again come back to externally rotating the arm blossoming open in the front part of the armpit and squeezing the back this is a wonderful practice anytime that you find yourself sitting at your desk or your computer when you’re sitting in your car this will really help open things up and move more lymph I’m get their divine for you.

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