Yoga for Bladder

Are you dealing with a weak bladder so many of us are and in this webisode we’re gonna be dealing with a special massage technique that’s going to help us in the post we were working with some special massage techniques. And the one that we’re working with right now is a really wonderful circular motion. So we’re following the lines of digestion here we’re beginning in the bottom right quadrant moving the hands up.

Yoga for Bladder Photo Gallery

And circling around in doing some larger circles is wonderful. And then coming into the area where the bladder is going smaller and smaller. And just pressing in as far as it feels comfortable.

And then reversing that and making the circles larger again this is an excellent technique to help bring a lot of Prada a lot of circulation and a lot of awareness down into the bladder. And the organ sets around the bladder I’ve never divine for healing you.

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