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Extending semester day or equal extending pose hence in namaste position watch several incoming outgoing breath here now bring your feet hip-width apart and slightly bend your knees exhale bend forward and hold your elbows inhale deeply while exhale lengthen your spine through the crown of your head stay 10 to 15 breath in o Donis on and feel the posture just surrender your body weight towards gravity and feel the stretch now release your arms inhale come up now place one or two block in front of you bring your feet four to five feet apart inhale lift your chest while exhale fold forward from the hips keep your spine open place your forehead on block your hands on Wed stay ten to fifteen breath here you may adjust your block according to your comfort keep your abdominal engage kneecap.

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And piloted just watch incoming and outgoing breath and be relaxed inhale and slowly come up now sit on bad or mad with leg extended place to block or bolster on lacks in here hands up open your spine while exhale fold forward stretch your spine long hold on to your feet or shin elbow Bend and on relax rest your forehead on blog or bolster state in 215 brain in possum athanas on keep of the rear brake while inhale come back now place the sole of your lap food against your right inner thigh inhale hands up spine straight exhale fold over the right leg rest your head on a block and arms reaching towards your portion slowly inhale. And come up repeat eight other side this time place block from the scene of lap leg exhale fold forward rest your forehead on block and hands completely stretch just be relax here avoid any type of effort slowly inhale. And come back makes your you stay both sigh in equal time now bend you knees and place the soles of your feet together inhale open your spine except praise you knees towards the flow feel the stretch on outer thigh pew feel comfort exhale and bend forward place one block under your forehead. And we relax here stay five to ten breath here slowly inhale.

And come back now place a bolster or two block at the base of your scrum lie back on your blocks and slowly bend your knees you may support your hand with pillow or with a blanket along the heart and needs to open and relax into the brahms state into 15 breath in soup the. But the conus on position feel the opening on heart and make your bread slow and deep slowly come back remove your block now lie on your back bend your knees and place your feet hip width apart and parallel inhale lift your pelvis place a block under your back or you may use bolster do 15 to 20 abdominal breath here keep your entire body relax and keeping is your mind on breath after staying several breath here remove your block. And come to knee to chest for the Sun to relieve your back now slowly roll up and sit come close to the wall now sit your hips against the wall and roll onto your back taking the link up the wall your hips should be pressing as close to the wall as you can feet hips width apart and palms facing toward ceiling keep your body in relax for you son and bring your mind towards your break stay 5 to 10 breath here or as comfort as possible to come back bend your knees and turn towards right or left side relax insertion keep your entire body muscle relax lose each and every joints just watch your entire body from the toes to head and lose it relax it inhale deeply while axelle surrender your whole body weight to cavity just be relax and relax relax.

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