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Ajna chakra is most significant amongst the whole gamut of chakras and nadis for those taking to the path of kundalini yoga. Kundalini shakti rises and energizes those parts of the personality we develop, and it is through this intuitive third eye that we can perceive the wisdom of renouncing fame, name, wealth and otherworldly and passionate pursuits. Knowledge of the external world is gained through the senses; however, it is through our sixth sense, namely ajna chakra, that other knowledge is gained. There are so many things we know to be true, yet there is no evidence for it, we just know it.

We take to the path of yoga without much knowledge and in search of this knowledge we come across many traditions of spirituality, which are in essence yoga. Yoga may mean union: a unification of the individual with the
superconsciousness. Some traditions are self-reliant and do not seek help from a saviour. These paths, such as Buddhism and Jainism, are paths of rigorous inner cleansing, processes of replacement of all selfish drives, ambitions and desires for selfless ones. Only by getting out of our limited selves can we expand through caring for others. It is not desire that binds us, but desire for our own limited self that leads to the things that bind us to worldly life. The process of expansion leads to enlightenment, free from any limitation.

Any discussion on ajna chakra lies within the realm of tantra, and kundalini yoga is a tantra. Tantra is dependent upon the female aspect of consciousness; she is the divine mother and it is to her that we turn to propitiate our link with divinity and to pray for progress in any tantric pursuit. We pray that we may make progress in our endeavours to awaken the shakti within and walk towards the ultimate goal.

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