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Hi guys it’s Jenna right now I’m so excited to be here with you I’m always excited to be here with you today I’m talking about what am I wear to a yoga class I know that it seems like a trivial thing. And you should just automatically assume that you’d have to go to Lou limited by $98 yoga pants. But it’s not true. But there’s just some basic things that you should know about what to bring and what to wear so while you don’t have to go to Lululemon I would recommend getting some type of legging or comfortable pant that stretches really easily when you go to yoga so wearing like windbreaker pants probably isn’t the best idea they could be sweatpants whatever feels the most comfortable and gives you full range of motion in your legs and see with your upper body now you don’t have to wear something super tight. But you are going to be upside down playing a lot you’re going to be folding at your waist. And it gets really annoying to me when I have a t-shirt on. And it starts to flop up. And then I feel like I have to tuck in my pants the whole time. And it’s just more hassle than it’s worth. So, if you find something I mean this is a Lula and top.

Yoga for Beginners What to wear to Yoga Jenna Raynell Yoga Photo Gallery

But I like it. Because it’s longer on my hips. And it stays put it’s never flopping up and down. And it doesn’t bother me also depending on what style of yoga are doing it might be hotter than another. So you might want to wear shorts, if you’re going to a hot yoga class, if you’re going to a little bit more of a relaxing classic a restorative class or in a younger class you might want to have a scarf or even a sweater nearby just. Because it might get a little bit chilly they’re gonna be relaxing you’re not moving a whole lot. So just have that nearby you can set it at the end of your mat it’s not deal as far as socks go I know a lot of people like to let the idea of wearing socks. But it’s really not the best choice. Because when you’re in a lot of the poses your feet are gonna start to slip it’s gonna cause you more trouble than it’s worth. So you can wear your socks and keep them by your mat until you get warmed up. And then I would suggest taking them off they do there are a couple companies that make socks that have little grip ease on the bottom I’ve never actually tried them. So I don’t know how good they are I just prefer being barefoot I live at the beach. So that I can barefoot be there foot almost on the time. But I know a lot of people have feet issues and intrudes about what else you need to know have a hair tie. So that you can wear your hair back you might people want with a little a headband or a sweat band and that’s about it, if you have any questions or, if I didn’t cover something please leave me a comment I’m happy to suggest places to go shopping and find something where you feel really good and really comfortable. Because that’s what yo it was all about it’s not about looking the best or you know wearing the latest styling latest brand it’s about feeling really good and feeling good in your body and still wearing the proper attire for that is going to make all the difference please leave me a comment or question again I’m happy to help have so much fun in class namaste have so much fun in class I’ll see you soon.

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