Yoga for Beginners Warrior II Pose

Hi I’m Sophie and today I’m gonna teach you how to do Wario this is a common yoga movement is something that you’ll experience through most philosopher classes or in fact any kind of hatha yoga class so to take choreo you’re going to step your right foot forward to the front of your mat and take a nice big step backwards. So that you come into a lunge type position to know, if you’re in the right position you want to make sure you have a knee over the top of your ankle, if you find yourself in this position where the need for words of ankle this can be very dangerous for the knee. So you need to make your stance longer, if you’ve got the opposite problem where the starts are too long you end up like this you’re reaching towards then stay at the back. But up a little bit. So the knee can come up we act you’re aiming for the try to be parallel to the branch from here we’re going to tuck the tailbone under slightly so don’t stick the bottom out. And then you ground down the outer edge of your back foot lifting up through the inner arch to the all four corners of the back that are down on that Betty then drawers in. And you’re gonna reach your arms out stretching through the fingertips so your hands are in line with your shoulders we’re cutting here for the backhand to lift up a little bit or drop down a little bit. So just look over your back shoulder to make sure it’s aligned.

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And then look back over to your front shoulder. And then you have warrior two a useful thing you worry to also to do is to actually press it to bully the third and lift breaking it up off of the mat you’ll feel that this automatically engages this front thigh and actually it makes it externally rotate slightly got the common problem in warrior two you see people like this when the front knee has dropped in then getting the sustained wrist for the knee you want to make sure that knee stays in line with your second toe so perhaps just try that lifting up the heel feel the external rotation through the thigh. And then take their hands out and keeping that feeling through the front leg press that heel back down to the floor. So that’s your warrior two so from here we’re going to link warrior two into a natural sequence. So we’re gonna use Sun Salutation a that we learned a few posts before. And then we’re going to do a worry to. And come back to that me Gastner crunch the mat so start off sound here the front of your mat joins together heels together as always think it hips reaching down towards the floor finally reaching up toward star then we’re gonna inhale take your hands up high beside it to the hands hands touch exhale as we fold forwards drawing the belly in take the hands all the way down to the mat inhale look up and lengthen through the spine then exhale step or hop back to your body plank position from here you’re either going to drop your knees or come all the way down through chaturanga we’re on over the toes come to up dog. And then roll back over the toes come to downward facing dog so to transition from your derma taking dog to your warrior two you’re gonna inhale take your right foot up pax is done exhale step your right foot forth between your hands into a lunge again make sure your knees over your ankles. And then you’re going to come all the way up open the arms out wide come into your warrior two so again check your front knee over your ankle tuck the tailbone reach you to fingertips hello from here on an exhale we spin the hands back down to the mat framing the front foot let’s get the right that back come to downward facing dog roll all the way forwards to high plank chaturanga up dog down dog let’s do the left side again we’re gonna inhale left foot high exhale step the left foot for between the hands into a lunge again make sure the knees of your ankle then inhale come all the way up open wide warrior two again checking in with that front knee might rolled in slightly.

So It’s not only rotating the front thigh then again on an exhale spin the hands over the head frame the front foot step the left foot back to downward facing dog roll forwards to high plank chaturanga up dog and down dog breathing in your down dog a five long deep breaths. And then to come back up to the front of the mat you can either bend the knees and hop up or I’m going to do take one foot high step it through into a lunge rock back on the front heel bring the left foot to meet the right inhale look up lengthen exhale you fall inhales becomes a while come all the way up look to the hands. So that’s how you do warrior two and transition through Sun Salutation a into warrior two. So let’s go through it one more time thank you so much for reading my other post today and thank you to those of you who’s already commented. But though you would like to comment please do so subscribe you can do so. But thanks very much to the babe.

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