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Hello I’m Lee need and today we’re going to be working on twists I loved worse my favorite things ever what happens as soon as you’ve untwisted all the blood pumps into those areas and gives you lots of oxygenated blood needing lots of energy. So It’s a very good detoxifying thing to do we’re going to start on the floor. So we’re going to have our heels immediately underneath our knees we’re just going to gently roll down. And then very simply let’s just do a couple of dynamic ridges just to prepare this by to take your shoulder points down the back. And then just very slowly and mindful II find your feet on the mat. So Imagine that they are I’m sinking into wet sand you want a knee caps directly up I’m your neutral spine then very slowly curl your pubic bone into words or rib cage press down through the feet.

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And then slowly going to pull up into your bridge your palms are facing up you don’t want to use the rope you come up to our shortest and their higher do not want to collect all I’m going to inhale the hip points casts a little bit higher and as you exhale curl the pubic bone back in towards ribs and really work that’s fine before you lay it back down to the ground two more times inhale exhale curl lift up the low back middle back just resting on up above in higher and higher and exhale pull pubic bone into it as you lengthen and lower lengthen I’m just going to pop a little brick in between my thighs use as well just gives you lots of space we’re just going to go into a little twist your palms going to be down on the ground take your shoulder tips back down again. But again just to prepare the spy let’s take it over to the right so needs it to the right nicely slowly. And then you’re going to inhale and exhale draw baby. But not all the way. And then take your knees very slowly over to the leg inhale here and that’s how draw the belly in two more times each side all the way over to the right inhale exhale pull everything else draw those knees back up again all the way to the left inhale here, if you can touch the floor exhale draw everything up again one more time exhale inhale here exhale knees go hallway to the left in and exhale draw your knees all the way back and so don’t move ahead when you’re doing twist like this or just keep staring back above we’re going to move that block hug your knees into the chest take your right arm and roll over onto your right hand side head rests solely on who is justly and gently all the way up slow you two standing so pop your hands underneath your shoulders. And your knees underneath your hips you’re going to tap your toes under. And then you’re going to just arch your back up to the sky is it someone’s got you by the belly button and they’re drawing it up through the spine. And now they’re taking you back towards the back of the room press your hands forward press into toe and gently lift your knees off the ground you’re going to keep spiraling out through your hands it’s a really opening up the shoulders for collarbones keeping all that nice and open inhale back onto toes exhale send the right into the backboard as you bend your left knee inhale up onto toes exhale then the right leaf. And the left heel to the back wall nice in hair up onto toes. And then exhale send both heels to the back walls just really lengthen through the spine here keep the neck nice and long.

And then very slowly going to sway your hips from side to side as you bring one hand. And then the other hand back towards your feet your heels will pop down on the ground your thighs are in contact with your belly you get it inhale up onto fingertips. And you’re going to exhale as you press down through the heels through the bone to the feet. And the much as you need to keep my hands down on the ground come into your forward fold so bend your knees as much as you need to to do this good going to take your right hand today very hands forwards. And you’re in crap up onto fingertips your right hand is in the middle of the wrap. And then you’re going to sweep your left hand all the way up you know try and keep your pelvis nice and level. So we press down with the left foot as you reach up and exhale all the way back down again let’s try that on the other I didn’t have up until left fingertips and carry on the inhalation as you take your right arm all the way up as, if it’s a big wing and all the way back down again press down through the bones of the feet as you slowly come up one vertebra at a time until the head is immediately about the spine going to take step forward feet are hip distance apart it wouldn’t really it find allow gravity to just wait you down into the mat so allowed boast we just sink down into the mat take your tailbone down pubic bones slightly up towards your ribs. And then take your head back ever so slightly as well we’re going to inhale me take fingertips up and Sue and as you exhale flex our hands push the walls away as you lift up from pubic bone to navel navel to the center of the chest fingertips touch down they’re going to inhale all the way out or halfway up exhale slowly back down again you take your left foot into your chest and push it all the way back behind you until you come down into a runner to lunch let’s nice we find upland you’re going to pick up your right heel you’re going to press it down into the ground and use that price down to lift yourself all the way up into your high lunge you can also do this with the back knee down inhale into fingertips you know pop your right hand down you can just level your hips of bird I’ve got a little tendency to lift that hitch that hip up a little bit inhale into left fingertips and as you exhale twist all the way over to the right the learn what estate and editing point we’re going to reach forward. And then allow that elbow to rest on the ant, if I press top and autumn had press down to come into your twisted lunge inhale here exhale sink a little bit boy and a reed press down through that right foot release the hands frame the front foot. And then step all the way back into your downward dog good walk through your dog let’s try that on the other side we’re going to inhale coming into it a different way take left heel up the sky exhale bring it into your chest.

And then gently down into your runners lunge just adjust your back foot, if you need to pick up the left heel press it down to push up and away from the floor nice inhale fingertips art and senior. And then as you exhale take your left hand and left hip inhale into the right fingertips. So we’re looking for this length toes and as you exhale twisting from the belly button reach all the way over to your left hand side until you can’t reach anymore. And then reach as you bring your torso down. And then pop your right elbow by the left thigh press down the top hand lift the center of the chest up. So you want to get these right ribs twisted all the way around I’m you doing that by memory using the core good inhale here take the shoulders away from the ears exhale release the hands back down to the ground. And come back into your downward dog just adjust yourself and take a little walking dog here nice. And then you take a left foot in towards your right foot as you inhale just float the right heel up to the sky keep spiraling through the hands here and as you exhale draw everything in towards your spine as you come forward into your runners lunge just going to adjustment self again always worth adjusting so their transitions are as important as the pills and sellers pick up that here press it down. And come all the way up into your high lunge nice and exhale flex your hands push the air away from you as you slowly land all the way fingertips down to the ground I’m going to take a big step forward and out with my left foot. And I’m also just in the papas block where I cleaned it. And you use a big book or something that you have around a home that’s quite solid and will give you a bit of support so my hips are level I’ve got no twisting in my hips at all. And I’m going to in hand up into fingertips and I might actually lead that block and as right exhale I’m going to forward fold.

So It’s almost as, if I’m trying to drink the front of my body down that front leg. So It’s an intense forward stretch and really feeling it all the way along the back of my right foot. So Inhale open to fingertips again look for that length before you exhale and slowly fold all we’re going to have a little change now we’re going to take our right hand right thumb into the right hip crease. And just draw that right hip back a little bit good. And you put this bloob block up on justify my rights. But in front of my right foot. But up on its end there and there’s like inhale I’m going to lift up are you drawing the belly afternoon and there’s I exhale I’m just going to rest my left toe fingers on the block nice hips nice and level. And then sigh inhale sweep the right arm all the rats and its revolve triangle that doesn’t feel comfortable just keep your hand on your hip as you keep your lengthening the spine away from that right inhale here exhale let it go we’re going to pop both fingers down both hands down onto the ground doing a bend the right knee step up with the left heel and very slowly and very mindful you’re going to stretch that left heel all the way back until you come into a nice love forward fold inhale upon fingertips exhale let it go you’re going to step your feet in together. So the big toe joint touch. But the heels are slightly apart the outer edges of the feet to my parents come out.

And then you’re just going to allow the bottom to slowly descend you’re going to spread your arms out like wings thumbs up to the sky press down to come all the way out and as you exhale part the hounds. And just imagine that you’re sliding your back down a wall. So we’re going to sit down into chair yeah. And just watch the bottom doesn’t and point out you want to just draw up with the pubic bone into the ribs. So we’re not exaggerated in which one way. But the spine feels nice and long fingertips marking up to the sky and how here and as you exhale hands down too hard let’s take that twist over to the right again in how funds touch breastbone and as we exhale take your left elbow onto your right thigh me you want to make sure this left knee doesn’t come forward with you press your hands down to meet the center of the chest inhale here and exhale release down into a forward fold inhale fingertips exhale arms out like wins inhale press down to come all the way up and as you exhale slowly slide yourself down an imaginary wall adjusting the pelvis inhale and exhale hands to heart in higher and exhale twisting from the naval making sure that right knee doesn’t come in with you pressing hands. And together to lift you up and away from the fine try to get my right ribs r and to the left inhale and exhale releasing everything down to the floor for four in the high level think tips exhale you’re going to take your right leg all the way back into a lunge so standing in runs an engineer in hand to finger tips and as we exhale press that left you all the way down to lift yourself up energy sparkling out of your fingertips out to the sky. And then we’re going to allow the left hand to really weight down or left head in hair into right fingertips and turn all the way twisting all the way to the left reaching forward. And come into your twisted lunge so exactly the same as we did in the chair pressing down through the hands trying to get right ribs to the left. So Inhaling here and as you exhale we’re going to fans down to the ground. And then I was taking one massive step forward with the right leg and out to the outer edges of the map I’m going to take my left hip back right hip slightly forward. And I’m going to pop my block up on this end I think fingertips on it I’m going to inhale and lengthen up and away from the pubic bone. So It’s really important to get this length here before you then Drake the body down the front leg nice and again keep pressing down through the heel.

So we want to keep the knees slightly bent we don’t want to stress out the joints at all. But you should be feeling most delicious strength all the way up the back line of the left leg get in my lap and finger tips here take your left thumb into the crease of your left hip pop this block or your book up on its end. And I’m going to pop it in front of the left at foot. And then you’re going to inhale you take the right hand all the way up and twisting from the belly button you release the right fingertips down to the band you can stay here or you can sweep the left arm up to the sky up to you I’m going to stay here just to have symmetry with the other side you keep lengthening lengthening the spine up and away from the pelvis and as you exhale see, if you can take that twist a little bit deeper nice. And then facing back forwards again leaving that blocked right side taking both fingertips down to the ground bending the left knee pressing into the left foot. And then taking a big step forward into your forward fold we’re going to inhale here and we’re going to exhale just grab the elbows. And then just swing from side to side releasing any tension releasing your fingertips down to the ground bending knees pressing down just slowly unravel or way up tips up to the sky exhale done thank you for reading, if you have any questions or comments and please leave them below and do remember to subscribe to the blog I’ll see you again next week.


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