Yoga for Beginners The Crow Pose a Yoga Workout

Hello I’m Sophie. And I’m vinyasa flow yoga teacher and today I’m going to be teaching you how to do pro pose so propose it is an arm balance.

And it’s the most basic of all arm balances it’s a really really good one to learn. Because once you can do your crow you can pretty much build anything on top of that. So In order to learn this and we’ve got a couple of props here first thing you’re gonna need is a cushion. And the second thing you’ve got some yoga blocks that would be great but, if not I have a large book here that also does the job. So I’m just going to show you crow pose quickly. And then I’m going to show you the steps that we can work on getting into it so being an unbalanced Roxy gonna be on our hands the most important thing in all our balances is that we have a really solid foundation so figure to spread nice and wide hands are going to come down onto the mat shoulder width apart you can take your knees or drop around I’ll explain the rest in a moment. And this is the full pose. So you can see our balancing here on my arms we’ve done five reps just come back down. So In order to learn this we’re going to first of all start by lying on our back. So you can come all the way down onto your back. And then draw your knees into your chest it needs wide towards the ribs.

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And then take your arms inside of your thighs and flex the hands like you’re standing on the ceiling don’t look up look towards the end of the room engage your belly and squeeze your knees onto your upper arms this is what crow pose is going to feel like the other way up okay. So this gives the body an idea of where we need to be engaging the muscles. And also just teaches the body how to get into the position from the other way up I come back up now I want to grab your book am I going to use a little launch pad so public behind your cushion pop the cushion in front of you just in case you do fall forwards you’ve got something nice and soft to land on I’ve got it many times though. And I’m fine so you’ll be absolutely fine you come forwards. So you can stand on your book and squat down on your book pick your hands onto the mat fingers spread nice and wide hands are shoulder width apart you should hope you find that your knees have arrived on your upper arms you want to get them as hard as you can and slide it in towards the armpits then you’re going to draw in through the belly first take your elbows straight back like you do in chaturanga and slowly start to tilt forwards tilting the chest as you lift the hips take it away into the hands maybe start ship one time maybe the other toe I’m actually both toes hit big toes together too much take five breaths. And then come back down, if you do find that the book is not helpful to you you can always remove the book and do the exact same thing from the floor game five breaths. And then come back down. So, if you’re a little bit more advanced and you’ve been practicing a crow pose for a while another nice thing that you can learn to actually bring this true vinyasa. So we’re going to take our pro clothes. And then we’re going to jump back from crow pose into chaturanga this is quite challenging so do make sure you have a nice solid crow pose. And you can at least hold it for five breaths before you try this.

So I’m going to show you the job back you didn’t come into your propos as normal. And then we’re going to tell chords a little bit you gave to me shoot the legs back come to hover above the ground Chetta render roll over the toes up job roll back up the toes. So that’s how you can start to work your crow pose into a vinyasa anywhere in your practice once you start to get a little bit more pop you typical crow I hope you enjoyed the post course, if you do have any questions about propos or any other imbalances please comment below and, if you’d like to subscribe to the blog see you bug thank you let us stay.

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