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Hello I’m Sophie. And I’m a vinyasa flow yoga teacher the last few posts we’ve gone over the basics such as you Jai breathing. And also Sun Salutation a today we’re going to look at Sun Salutation B and a couple of variations of it in Sun Salutation B it’s pretty much the same as a with a slightly different starting position. And also we’re going to come up into warrior one or two Crescent lunge. So once again we’re gonna start at the front of the mat toes together heels together belly button draws in hip point filter the shoulders roll back and down Tad Asana Mountain Pose now from here we’re gonna inhale we’re gonna bend the knees keeping the knees together sweep the hands to touch the floor come down as, if you’re sitting on a tiny little chair. And then reach the hands out in front of you draw the belly in tuck the tailbone under slightly keep looking up towards the ceiling exhale you’re gonna fold for it’s drawing the belly in take the hands to prayer through the heart all the way down to the mat taking the man’s left or fingertips to the mat maybe hundred shins then we’re gonna inhale look up lengthen through the spine exhale again right back to a runner’s lunge this time though is gonna stay in the lunge. But also notice that the left foot back. And come into a high plank position.

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So In your high plank position you want your belly in a nice straight line from your shoulders down to your heels down at the bottom sag down. But don’t stick it up in the air it. And then from here once again drop the knees to the mat. And it turns low all the way down from here you can inhale up into low Cobra or, if you want to take a slightly deeper backbend take the hands back by the sideways press into the floor lift all the way up to upward facing dog. So In this position the shoulders roll back chest opens towards the sky looking up towards the ceiling the thighs are off of the mat and stay off of the mat the whole time then to come back to downward dog either drop your knees or presses the hands lift the sit bones high and draw the feet all the way in to find downward facing dog as you roll over the toes so for Sun Salutation B we’re then going to come from our downward dog for into warrior one or in this case we’re gonna come into Crescent lunge so an inhale take your right foot up towards the sky exhale step your right foot through to a runner’s lunge find your balance. And then inhale come all the way up to a present lunge. So In your present lunge. And you only want your front knee to be over your ankle make sure it hasn’t rolled in or out to mooch in line with your second toe press into your back heel. And then reach your hands up towards the sky looking towards the ceiling you’re only gonna stay here for one breath.

And then take the hands down to the mat to set the right foot back down the facing dog then lift up on your tippy toes drawing through the belly roll all the way through the spine to come to high plank you’ve got two options here one either drop the knees again or to come through chaturanga. So this is a more complex transition where you’re gonna take the elbows forward over the wrists start to bend the elbows only come down to elbow height over just above the ground slide back over the toes come to up dog exhale all the way back downward facing dog left side inhale left behind the sky exhale step the left foot through to runners lunge inhale come all the way up to a Crescent lunge forgive exhale hands to the mat to get the left foot back downward facing dog lift up on the tippy toes roll all the way through the spine to high plank come down through chaturanga keep the elbows in roll over the toes come to up dog I’m exhale back down facing dog breathing here for three to five long deep breaths two three four and five. And then look towards your hands bend your knees step or jump your feet up behind your hands then inhale look up lengthen exhale as you fold inhale bend the knees heat the hands to put them back into your chair pose. And then exhales ripped loose it has hasn’t. So that is Sun Salutation B breakfast lunch variation 14 you have any questions let me know, if through the comments below or subscribe to check them out thanks and namaste.

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