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Hi I’m Sophie I’m a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and today I’m going to talk you through the basics of Sun Salutation a we’re going to work from Tad Asana or Mountain Pose standing at the front of our mat through a lunge and coming to finish in a downward dog this is approximately half of Sun Salutation a and my future posts will start to talk about the second half and eventually we’ll put it all together. So In a vinyasa class this is pretty much what you’re going to be doing at the beginning of every single class you ever go to Sun Salutation a it’s a really solid sequence for you to get used to and know before you go into an open level class. So It starts with Tad Asana or Mountain Pose so when you’re standing in front of your mat you take your big toes together to touch your heels together then draw in through the belly draw a belly button towards your spine as you rock your hip points up a little bit towards the ribs tucking the tailbone slightly core is super turned-on.

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And then you roll your shoulders back and down reaching the crown of the head up towards the sky final thing which is really important to remember is a lot of people tend to collapse to the inner arches of the feet or roll out onto the outer edge so lift up all ten toes off of the mat, if you’ll hug the inner arches of the feet engage and their kneecaps lift and try to keep this engagement through the arches of the feet and through your kneecaps lifting slowly found the toes back down to the floor. And the beginning of the vinyasa practice we always tend to set an intention. So I’d just like you to take your hands in prayer close your eyes. And just set your intention for today’s practice this can be something for you maybe something you’re working on at the moment or you can go to K your practice to anything you wish choosing something set over three times in your head. And then when you set your intention gently open your eyes can you take a little bow and smile.

And we’ll start our practice so again standing in Tad Asana Mountain Pose toes together heels together belly draws in hip points tilt up shoulders roll back and down crown of the head reaches up towards the sky lift up the toes engage the arches of the feet. And then find the toes back down to the floor. So we’re going to take our first movement which is coming from standing through to a forward fold so on an inhale we’re going to take the hands up towards the sky draw the belly in then look up towards the hands on the exhale you’re going to take your hands through prayer through the heart center draw in through the belly keeping the spine really long make sure you hinge at the hips rather than rounding through the back keep leading with the chest. And then take the hands down onto your mat you can’t quite reach the floor don’t worry about it do just come onto the fingertips alternatively you can take your hands onto your shins or onto your thighs from here we’re then going to take an inhale look up lengthen through the spine in this position you want to imagine that this tummy is drawing in and you’ve always got a slight arch in the low back you won’t actually be arching the lower back that that is the feeling sitting bones are lifting up towards the sky and on the exhale you’re going to fall again taking your tummy towards your thighs nose towards your knees. And then on an inhale we’re going to come all the way back up sweep the hands up towards the sky and exhale take hands back to heart center.

So we’ll just go through that one more time so on the inhale sweep the arms up towards the sky look towards the ceiling let the palms touch exhale fold forwards you draw the belly in again spine is long chest is leading hinge at the hips come all the way down take your hands onto the mat or fingertips or hands the thighs then inhale come up lengthen through the spine look forwards exhale as you fold take the tummy towards the thighs nose towards the knees. And then inhale come all the way back up again reach the hands up to the sky look the hands. And then exhale take hands to heart center so now we’re going to move on from Tad Asana Mountain Pose through a little bit more of the Sun Salutation. So we’re going to work into a lunge. And then back to downward facing dog so to do this we’re going to start in exactly the same way the vast no Mountain Pose toes together heels together belly is in hip points up shoulders roll back and down hands in prayer and inhale sweep the arms wide leap up towards the sky at the hands touch exhale fold forwards draw in through the belly cute spine long hinging at the hips take the hands down towards the mat, if they don’t touch again and don’t it to come onto the fingertips or hands to Shin’s hands the thighs then from here you’re going to exhale fold forwards inhale look up lengthen the spine exhale bend the knees take the hands flat step your right foot back into a lunge position. So In your lunge you want to make sure your knee is over your ankle you’re pressing into your back heel drawing in through the belly shoulders move back filling inhale we’re going to come up to the fingertips look forward lengthen through the spine exhale take your palms flat step the left foot back to downward facing dog. So In your downward facing dog there are a number of ways that you can come into this depending on how tight or how loose the hamstrings are shoulders and a number of other things so for me my heels are on the floor. But for you your heels might be up here and that’s absolutely fine, if you do find it when you’re in this position you’ll put a rounding through the back.

And then the knees and allow the sitting bones to lift towards the sky drawing in through the belly relaxing the shoulders away from the ears, if the heels can reach a little bit further down to the floor you want to drawing through the belly again lift the sitting bones and press them back towards the back of the room at the same time press your heels towards the floor spread through the fingers nice even way between all the pads of your fingers. And then breathing here perhaps coming back to your guide breathing that we’ve covered in another post see, if you can breathe here for five long deep breaths. And when you’ve done your five breaths. And just drop your knees to the floor untuck your toes hit the big toes together. But to touch sit back on the heels and take your child’s pose to finish. So that concludes our Sun Salutation a half off please do let me know, if you have any questions by commenting below or, if you’d like some more information you can subscribe to the blog above thanks bye bye.

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