Yoga for Beginners Reverse Warrior Pose

Hi I’m Sophie and today I’m going to teach you how to do reverse warrior this is another warrior pose that you will find in many many vinyasa yoga sequences or a half the type sequence. So, if I’m phool I’m going to teach you the basic pose. And the correct alignment in the pose. And then we’re going to go through a vinyasa Sun Salutation a to come through to the post and perhaps a ladder choreo to that we also learned so to get into reverse or you can start the same way that we did in Mora too so take me a nice big step we’re going making sure your front knee is over your ankle make sure hasn’t rolled in or adds it’s in line with the second toe. And then pressing into the outer edge of the back foot as you lift up through the inner arch then belly draws in and a tailbone tucks under slightly we’re going to find warrior two and from there you’re going to benefit your front palm over inhale as you sweep your right hand up towards the sky.

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And on the left hand to slide down the back leg and reach up as high as you can feeling a nice stretch through the outside of the right fitting a nice stretch through the right side waist now the thing here that most people tend to do as they come back it starts to straighten his legs you sort of end up in this kind of position. So you want to make sure you really keep that nice deep bend through the front knee at the same time is really grounding down through the outer edge of that back foot when you’ve done three to five breaths here then you’re gonna inhale come all the way back up into your warrior two. And then we finish there so how do you work this into a vinyasa so sizing there’s no more Tad Asana Mountain Pose toes together heels together you’re going to inhale sweep the hands high up to the sky exhale as you fold forwards inhale lengthen through the spine exhales you step or jump back to high plank position as always you go into two options one you can drop the knees.

And come to a tricep press or two you can come down through chaturanga throw over the toe not to up dog. And then roll back up this shows up to that wood facing dog then in turn your right foot up high to the sky exhale step your right foot your teeth hands into a lunge inhale come all the way up into your warrior two. And then skip the front part inhale over the head left hand slides down the left leg reversing your warrior again keeping that nice deep Bend through the front knee making sure the knee hasn’t rolled in sit in line with the second toe.

And then inhale come all the way back up to warrior two spin the hands over the head and down to the mat set the right foot back to downward facing dog. And then roll forwards to high plank chaturanga up dog and down dog. So we’re gonna do the same thing on the left hand side so from your downward dog inhaling left foot height to the sky exhale put the left foot through between the hands into a lunge then inhale come all the way up open wide to your warrior two and flip the front palm in head of the head right hand slides down the right leg left leg comes overhead. And then inhale come back up warrior two exhale hands to the mat let the left foot back downward facing dog again roll forward to high plank either drop the nudies on chaturanga up dog or low Cobra and downward facing dog breathing here as always for three to five breaths as your heels sink down toward the floor shoulders relaxed away from the ears being spread wide. And then you’re going to look towards your hands bend your knees and either step or jump your feet up behind your hands then you paralytic up legs and draw the belly in exhale as you fold inhale sweep the arms wide to come all the way back up and exhale hands to heart center thank you very much for reading my post and thank you to those of you that Authority their comments, if you would like to leave any more comments please do so below, if you’d like to subscribe you can do so about thanks very much goodbye.

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