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Namaskar and maybe that and welcome to Anand Yoga Yoga for osteoarthritis of angles osteoarthritis of anchors reduces the range of movement of the ankles there is swelling in the ankles and most of the time there is pain in the ankles this set of Awesome’s will help you prevent your ankles from having osteoarthritis, if osteoarthritis is detected early it will also help you to cure the osteoarthritis please do this set of arsons as per your capacity Sula ba or Sahaj on Longville o donnell this is an easier version of traditional analogue below granite it is also known as Nadi should de plana it clears or purifies the Nadi’s.

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So that the energies can flow your to your body easily this plan is not directly beneficial for osteoarthritis. But spiritually, if you see by cleaning the Nadi’s the energy can flow throughout the body. So, if there is an obstacle in the energy in your ankles then this might benefit you to go in this plan I am you sit comfortably in cross leg position or ardha Padm Asana Padma’s on the left hand you have the animal drop you keep the left hand on the left knee the right hand will be having the Anjali mudra you always start the prana and inhaling through left nostril so you’ve closed the right nostril your eyes are closed.

And slowly start inhaling through left nostril after complete inhalation close the left nostril and start exhaling through right slow and complete exhalation after complete exhalation start inhaling through right after complete annihilation closed right open the left and exhale to left this is one round of unlock below you can keep on doing this for some time the breathing is very slow and deep after exhaling through left nostril you drop the hand down experience the benefit experience the calmness in the body to relaxation off the line then you rub the farm’s keep them on your eyes your face and slowly open your eyes dropping the hands down.

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