Yoga for Beginners Power Yoga Stretching

Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor Power Yoga sequences Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body power yoga sequences is an important part of of yoga yo we just flow from one arson into a dog with ease just by doing few sequences you can have a complete body workout sequence seven this has got a good forward bending and twisting positions to start off with prasarita padottan Asana spread the feet wide keep the hands on your hips inhale and start exceeding and go down drop the hands and I mean aim and exhale and bring the crown of the head closer to the ground or touching the ground no weight on your hands no weight much on the head the whole weight is just on the feet on the legs then inhale come up slightly exceed take the hand closer to the feet and look at the Hang which goes up this wonderful stretch wonderful twist. And come down Center and hate eggs in and twist on the other side. And come back to the center come up hands on your hips and slowly come back and relax. And just feel the effects of this practice on your legs especially the leg joints the ankles the knees the hips. And also the leg muscles. And your back.

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