Yoga for Beginners Core Exercises

Hello I’m they need and today we’re going to work on the core and those are the muscles all the way from your pelvic floor all the way up to your tunnel. So, if you’re ready that’s not. So we’re going to sit up on our heels and, if that doesn’t feel comfortable for you you can take a block or a cushion. And just pop it underneath the bottom. So you’re elevating little bit it gives a bit more space to your knees otherwise it’s just Center ourselves just for a breath or two so roll your shoulders back mainly have the pelvis descend down onto your heels. And then from the pubic bone you’re going to lift the front spine all the way up into the roof of the mouth and I’ve been to the crown of the head and take your head back just a little bit in fact let’s take our right hand just behind the skull and lift the skull off the spine. And then just take it back a little bit, if you’re leaning in to your hands you don’t always have a tendency to lead with the chin we just want to take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth and through the day and out through the man next time you take it in in breath you’re going to take your fingertips up to the ceiling inhale and as you exhale send your fingers forwards as you send your back ribs to the back of the room and again in the home.

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So It’s a meaning cat cow and that tail in our neck. And you can get a little bit Wilder inhale oh. And then let’s come on to all fours so have your manta mediately underneath your shoulders middle fingers pointing forward spiraling out through the left hand out to the left spiraling out through the right hand out to the right position your knees and in a place where they’re immediately underneath the hips and you’ve got given you a nice length to the spike to take the tailbone back crown of the head forward then just draw your shoulders away from the ears good I’m going to just find our call. So we’re going to on an inhale just stroke your right foot out back behind you on an x-ray with the abdominal you’re going to just lift the right knee love the broken don’t want to be too Amaya just level with the hips keep spiraling through the hands so actually using the whole of the point here nice and then, if that feels okay you’re just going to stroke your left turn forward. And you’re going to reach in opposite directions as far away as you can go from each other yeah keep flexing through the foot.

And then on your next inhale you’re going to take your right leg out to the right you’re going to take your left arm out to the left keep spiraling through this right back you don’t want to drop down at the shoulder at all nice inhale and exhale bring it all slowly back again to find your own all fours again take an inhalation to prepare in how straight the left foot along the mat. And then exhale take your right here with your left heel up to hip level inhale. And just stroke the right fingertips forwards and keep spiraling out through this left and a hand you want to make sure you’re not dropping down into that shoulder joint at all in how he and as you exhale come out take both leg and arm out and away from the body you really draw in with the side waist here really keep lifting up to the spine. And then bring it all back in. And come back to your all fours tougher than it looks we’re going to just take our toes back behind us and on our next exhale you’re going to take the belly button up to the spine as you arch the back. And then looking between your thighs as you inhale keep pressing the floor away from you as you lengthen the center of the chest forwards here the exhale gotten up into the spine send your hands forwards as you press into your toes. And just slowly lift your knees off the ground first I’m a dog of the day so take a moment to prepare yourself my hands are a little bit too perfect. So I’m just going to take a moment to make all that work for me as you send the pram away from the heels open Manthan really helps to engage a very deep of donald’s, if you openly make a high-knee sound good we’re going to release the knees down to the ground we’re going to release the toes. And then you’re going to bend the elbows take tell them down to heels as you lower thighs belly chest forehead nice you’re going to then pop your elbows for your hands were coming up into Sphinx this is a really good way to just make sure with just tuning into the muscles here. So you’re going to press the floor away from you and here what we’re going to do is we’re going to lift up from pubic bone to belly button when you lift that up their way from the floor is, if you’ve got a butterfly underneath your lower abs good keep that lift there and, if that feels okay press down and away with your elbows. And then you lift up. And the way from the floor with your hands. So we’re lifting. And the lengthening from pubic bone to navel from nasal to the centre of the chest. And the center of the chest of wine across the collarbones in how he and as you exhale release your elbows down to the ground you’re going to pop your hands where your elbows were. So we’re just stretching out the front body there press back through your heels come almost all the way back into a child’s pose and unravel into your downward dog take a step step you can take your left foot in to the right foot keep that spiraling action you’re gonna inhale take right you up to Starling and as you exhale curl the knee into your chest arch the back roll it forward good and hold it here take it inhale exhale inhale exhale lift it up push the floor away for two inhale exhale for three should be feeling it now inhale take your right knee up to the sky we’re going to come to your right tail better then exhale and bring it all the way forwards we’re not going to stay here too long keep spiraling through the hand in the hail X Hey good.

And then take your heel all the way up we go on your next exhale bring your knee to your left over exhale yeah we’re going to now extend the right leg out from you, if that feels too much pop your foot down onto the ground otherwise keep it lifted really draw in through the waist here nice taking inhale and exhale release that foot down to the ground spiral out through your right hand. And then lift the left hand up to the sky as you allow the left instep to just rest on onto the mat we’re gonna in the heaven really reach up and away from the floor and as we exhale all the way back pivot on the feet. And come back and feel your downward dog with your right knee lifted. So It’s a three-legged dog inhale here exhale let it go and on your next inhale tip up on your left toes come all the way forward into a one-legged plank release that foot. And then slowly come up into an active dog exhale rolling over the toes come all the way back to your downward dog step step find your ponies again take an inhalation open the mouth to cut the timing ah inhale over the mouth stick out the Talon ah in the hay over the max check out the tannin nice we’re ready for the next round take the right foot into it or the left foot inhale take your left heel up to the sky three-legged dog you’re going to curl that knee into your spine as you arch the back and roll it for us we’re going to stay here for three breaths really draw the whole body up and in towards your spine keep spiraling out through the hands inhale exhale inhale exhale for to inherit push the floor royal exhale four three inhale take the left heel up to the sky exhale we’re going to bring it to the left elbow at this time coming forward keep spiraling out through the hands inhale push it back up we’re gonna come to the right elbow now exhale we’re gonna extend that leg lifting good it’s then the leg when you press it away release the leg down to the ground spiral through this left hand and lift yourself all the way up into full and trial right fingertips good and there’s an exhale draw the belly up and in and slow to come all the way back to your three-legged up inhale here exhale coming forwards tipping up on the right toes open the mouth as you releasing the left leg rolling over your toes and lifting up into upward dog good really draw out from pubic bone to nasal nasal to the center of the chest. And then widen across the collarbones imagine someone’s got a hand on your lower belly and they’re pushing you all the way back to your downward dog we’re going to step step hungry let’s take three more lines breaths inhale through your nose open the mouth and and high over the marathan and hey open the mouth and release your knees down to the ground release your toes down to the ground. And come all the way back into your downward dog into your child’s pose you’re gonna lie your belly to soften most people that work. And you’re just going to roll your wrists around in one direction roll them in the other direction. And then give them a little pump just to get the blood working back into the wrists and slowly drag your hands back tool to help it as you unravel through the spine to come back into your start position heart work thank you for reading, if you’ve got any questions and please leave your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe I’ll see you again next week.

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