Yoga for Beginners Breathing Techniques in Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Hello I’m Sophie. And I’m a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and today I’m going to be talking to you about some of the basic things we do in vinyasa flow yoga the breathing is the thing that I’m going to concentrate on first type of breath we use in Vanessa flow yoga is called you Jai breathing. And this is a long deep inhale and exhale which creates a wave like sound as the air passes over the back of the throat the stand is created by slight constriction in the back of the throat so to constrict the back of the throat it’s a little bit like when you’re sucking on a straw. And the best way for us to learn this is first of all to start breathing through the mouth.

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And then we’ll start to move on to breathe through the nose so what I’d like you to do is to take your hand in front of your mouth. And just imagine you put a little compact mirror here. And you know, if you blow on the mirror it fogs up. So we’re going to do exactly that. So you can take a nice big inhale through the nose. And the exhale open your mouth and try to fog your mirror another big enhance for the nose I’m an exhale bucket one more like that nice big inhale and exhale so hope you’re there when you’re exhaling onto your compact mirror you just feel that slight constriction in the back of the throat. And the breath is warm as it came out onto the hand. So this breathing is not only what we use as a basic principle through the vinyasa yoga practice there’s also very good warming and detoxifying breath as it creates heat and allows us to get rid of toxins through practice. So the next step from here is to start to do the same thing. But on the inhale.

And then we’ll move on to breathing through the nose so again you take in front of your compact mirror so taking your number inhale through the nose open the mouth X helped off the mirror. And then keeping the mouth open we’re going to try and inhale and default Guerrera exhale vodka mirror eating healthy pop the mirror and exhale bottom wrap so hopefully now you get that feeling the throat is probably dried out a little bit, if you get that that’s a good sign of that for the air moving up and over the back of the throat that slight constriction a very deep breath as you inhale and exhale so from here we’re going to try to read the same way. But through the nose it’s it’s quite challenging it does take a while to cultivate so don’t worry, if you don’t get it today it’s just something to keep coming back to you during your yoga practice. So we’ll do the same thing again taking your mirror in front of you take a normal inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth inhale through the mouth then close the mouth and try to create the same feeling in the back of the throat.

But by breathing exhale for the nose inhale through the nose exhale through the nose inhale. So just continue like that in your over time with your own breath see, if you can really feel that constricts in the back of the throat and feel creating that wave like sound or something a little bit like Darth Vader you know you’re on the right way to giving your huge eye breathing thank you so much for reading my you joy breathing post I hope you’ve enjoyed it of course, if you do have any questions please comment below and, if you’d like to subscribe to the blog it’s about thanks very much bye.

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