Yoga For Beginners – Basic Backbend Yoga Exercise

Hi I’m Sophie and today I’m going to teach you how to do a basic backbend now we’re going to move on and do a slightly deeper backbend it is important to note that, if you have any injuries in your lower back shoulders or risks I would not suggest you do the second pose the wheel pose it’s important not to do this pose maybe consult the doctor before trying it. So the first pose is going to be bridge pose so start this we’re going to lie on our back. And then bring your heels in by your hips.

So that you can just about touched in with your fingertips don’t more, if you can’t. And then you’re going to take your palms flat down on the mat by your hips and walk your feet so they mat width apart don’t let the legs drop out keep them. So that they are parallel to your hips. But you don’t want them in at the same time you know just imagine you’ve got a couple of blocks or a big hook between your thighs you’re trying to squeeze that and not let it drop. So you’re going to press down through the palms draw the belly in. So that the lower back flattens down on the mat and start to rock your hip points to watch your ribs and slowly one vertebrae at a time starting to lift your hips up to the ceiling. And then snug in your shoulders underneath you interlace your hands straight out through the arms try to keep the palms touching, if you can. And then lift the chest up towards the chin we’re going to breathe here for five long deep breaths, if you can try to relax the bottom a little bit allowing your back muscles to do the work yeah sure when you’ve done five breaths slowly start to roll down one vertebrae time getting unstuck with the shoulders.

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And then coming all the way back down onto the mat. So we’ll do that one more time slowly starting to going through the body rock the hip points towards the ribs lifting the hips up towards the sky. And then snuggle the shoulders under interlace the fingers lift the chest up towards the chin breathing here for five four three two and one and slowly rolling all the way back down again until it’s the hands and make your way all the way back down to the floor. So you might want to stay with just a simple bridge pose that I’ve just shown you, if you do have any lower back problems this is probably the best place to stay or, if you’re new to yoga, if you know that you’ve got a lot of flexibility in your lower back. And also a nice strong core then you might want to take it further. And come into the wheel pose. So this is basically what you did when you’re a kid and have no worries about it at all. So we can do exactly the same as you do back then taking your hands up over by your ears fingertips face the field. And you’re going to inhale press through your hands and to come up onto the crown of your head real long in the hands realize the beach. And the next inhale present. And come all the way up and take your armpits towards the back of the room lets you breathe here to five again nice and strong through the belly don’t let the feet drop out let the knees drop out keep squeezing through the thighs you don’t fire breaths pop Katrina then slowly try to roll your way all the way back down then hug the knees into the chest have a little rock from side to side just massaging the spine. And then reusing the feet I find it quite nice after doing a back then to come into Superbad kon Asana taking the soles of the feet together allow the knees to drop out wide to the side just pop your hands onto your tummy perhaps closing the eyes for a few breaths now when you’re ready opening the eyes hug the knees back into the chest again. And you can roll back up to seated thank you very much for reading today I hope you enjoyed learning about back bends, if you’d like to comment please do so below thank you to those of you who have already done it you’d like to subscribe. And you can’t do above thanks so much good bye.

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