I’m in heat and today we’re going to travel around the Matt a little bit. So let’s see how that goes I’m gonna step forwards onto the front of the mat.

So we will start here so feet hip distance apart and let’s come to travel down to the ground. So International Mountain Pose we’re going to spiral out from big toe just take that tail bone allow the tail. But be really heavy down toward the earth could spiral out through the collar bones and I am fingertips up see me and as you exhale all the hands out as, if you’re pushing walls away and bring your fingertips down to the ground in your nail apple to your fingertips. And it works how to take right foot all the way back behind you until you are in a runner’s lunge inhale up and fingertips exhale until you come all the way back into your downward dog find your dog so take a little bit of time to set it up nicely good we’re going to take the left foot in towards the right foot inhale right heel up to ceiling exhale sweep it forward. And come into a runner’s lunge might need to just step your back foot a little bit inhale up to fingertips exhale pressed out to come all the way inhale into fingertips and as you exhale slowly push the air forward and away from you we’re on the turn we’re going to turn towards the left.


So coming into a forward fold you’re going to inhale up on to fingertips. And your exhale as you slowly come down towards head towards the floor you’re going to keep your knees slightly like that then you’re going to roll your way to the outer edges of your feet. And then you are a press down big toe and inner heel in the hair up and to fingertips once you’ve got that connection with your feet and exhale all the way down good we’re going to take two breaths here three breaths here in the house as you exhale press down through your feet to lift the sitting bones up to the sky and home exhale to inhale exhale inhale up onto your fingertips and we’re turning it. And this time into the back of the mat. So you’re going to take your left toes forwards your right heel way back behind you. And come back into your lunge inhale up and two fingertips and as you exhale press down to lift all the way up into your home and exhale press all the way back down. And you’re gonna inhale take your left heel up to the sky exhale downward dog inhale take right heel up to the sky sweep that knee forwards as you come into a runner’s lunge inhale up to fingertips and we’re turning against her we turn turn coming back into your wide leg forward fold inhale up two things to expend the knees ever so slightly.

And this time you’re going to sweep your arms way back behind you clasp your fingers lift Center the chest up and as you exhale press down through the feet. And come all the way down into your forward fold three breaths and inhale exhale inhale exhale release the hands and we’re going to walk all the way back until we end up back at the front of the mat inhale up into fingertips. And then you can step the right foot forwards inhale up two fingers have spend in your knees as much as you need to exhale forward fold you’re going to press your feet down to the ground bend the knee and over bottom to become super heavy. So you can arms out like wings take the thumbs up to the sky nice press down all the way thank you for reading and please do leave your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog see you again next time.

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