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In the same way, consciousness which has been fully purified by the instructions of a true teacher reveals itself in the form of Siva when it is released and fully freed from the surrounding covering. Just as a gem in this context a pearl skilfully purified and cleansed or made transculent remains darkened or devoid of lustre when it lies concealed inside mother-of-pearl but becomes clean and full of radiance after the mother-of-pearl is broken, so the knowledge about his real essence, which had remained secret, bestowed on the disciple by the spiritual teacher equipped with the highest spiritual wisdom, causes the disciple to become pure by reflecting on the knowledge of the Self. This causes the destruction of the fundamental defilement, the anava mala, and the removal of the karma and mayiya defilements. When the limiting property, the physical body, falls away in the course of time, then this knowledge, purified and transformed into illumination, manifests the Siva nature of the disciple, who becomes Siva following the destruction of his physical body. An opponent might raise the objection that just as a gem might again become covered by another defilement even after the destruction of its covering, the mother-of-pearl, in the same way, the pure knowledge embodying the divine essence of the disciple might once again be covered by some other defilement even after the defilement in the form of the physical body is destroyed.

The reply given by the author is that there is no similarity between the two cases, the example of the gem and the example of the knowledge of one’s essence. This is because after the destruction of the physical body, the highest knowledge, namely the knowledge of the pure Self embodying the divine essence, cannot be covered by any other veil as this knowledge is of the nature of the great effulgent illumination, which is non-dual in character. Everything else which might appear as capable of veiling it is only an aspect of the great illumination itself. Thus there is no similarity between the two examples, the pearl and its impurities which are independent from it, and knowledge and its veiling defilements which are dependent on it. Moreover the assumption of a physical body by an individual is due to nescience.

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