Yoga for Bedtime De-stress

When we’re getting ready to go to bed, if we’ve been exposed to electronic stimuli from our devices from our computers even from TV we need to be able to ground all of that energy that’s kind of floating around here. So we’re going to be just doing a couple of progressive relaxation moves with the upper part of the body and hopefully that will make us feel very sleepy. And we’ll be able to slide into bed.

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And rest deeply we take the hands we inhale and open the palms nice and wide we exhale and greet fists then we inhale and we’re going to bend the elbows and squeeze. And then we’re exhaling opening the palms and opening the arms we inhale and lift the arms up really hugging muscle to bone biceps the triceps and really engage the shoulder muscles. And then we exhale and let the hands float down. And then another in-breath we’re gonna be opening up the front part of the body at the same time that we squeeze the shoulders. And then we exhale float everything down just these very simple movements can really help put you into a quieter zone.

So that you can rest deeply I’m Debra divine for healing namaste you.

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