Yoga for Asthma

When we’re dealing with asthma there seems to be a tendency to hyperventilate and something that can help prevent that is breathing through the nose breathing through the nose is very simple. But sometimes we can get caught up with mouth breathing. And this is something that many asthmatics have in common so bringing your awareness to how your breathing is. So Important we can lie down on a bolster supporting the back and keeping the air passages open. And then supporting the head keep the knees bent. And the feet further away from the midline of the mat allowing the belly to rest close the lips.

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And take a long slow smooth in breath through the nasal passages and an exhalation again through the nose now just begin to watch and see which nostril is more open more dominant and which is less perhaps you’d like to engage the UGI breath as well that very slight constriction at the back of the throat that will just slow the breath down ever so slightly let yourself feel the breath shift and change not only in the throat. And the upper part of the chest to put down lower into the lower parts of the belly try to breathe through the nose not only on the mat and in your yoga practice.

But all day long and you’ll find you have fewer attacks I’m Deborah divine for healing you.

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