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Such individuals continue to be bom and die in pious or unholy places after enjoying the fruits of their deeds in accordance with the place of their death. Persons who identify the Self with the not-self continue to remain bound by ignorance which results in their continued experience of the cycles of birth and death. But there are persons who have succeeded in dispelling the ignorance caused by the false identification of the Self with the not-self through firmly acquiring the true knowledge of their real divine Self. These persons become immune to the touch of merit or demerit following their becoming one with the all-pervasive pure consciousness. What then is the relevance of merit or demerit to such illumined beings? As a matter of fact they merit and demerit are meaningless as far as illumined souls are concerned.

As has been stated in the Dharma Sdstra of Manu: If King Yanta, the son of Vivasviln, lives in your heart and if there is no controversy arising out of this, then do not go to the Ganges Ifor a holy dip or to GayI la holy place in eastern IndiaI. The experience of the Self in the body, which is the not-self, is Yama death in the heart. One who is able to destroy him succeeds in dispelling the experience of the Self in the not-self after realising his absolute Siva-nature. What is the purpose of such an illumined person visiting holy places? None whatsoever. This is the conclusion of all of the above.

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