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Thus the very fact that the enlightened being remains completely seized by the thought of the supreme Lord lies at the root of his attaining liberation. Otherwise, in the absence of strong residual impressions, how could the memory of one’s identity with the supreme Being arise at the time of death? Therefore, to an enlightened being nothing is essential at the time of death. One may ask: if a journey to a holy place does not constitute an essential part of the life of the spiritual adept, why then do wise persons undertake such journeys? This has been addressed by the author, who points out its implications: Visiting a holy place results in merit, and meeting one’s death in an outcaste’s hovel leads one to hell. But what difference does that make to one who is not affected by merit or demerit? Spiritual adepts who have not dispelled the false identification of the real Self with the not-self despite their attaining spiritual knowledge, and who therefore have not become assured of their innate divinity, though they might be devoted to the cultivation of pure knowledge about the Self, such persons may earn merit by performing pious deeds like sacrifice etc. or accumulate demerit by doing the opposite.

Living in a holy place like Prayag etc. before death might ensure such persons attainment of merit and rebirth on higher levels of existence. Similarly, living in an outcastes hovel might force an individual to go to hell. Here the hovel of an outcaste is only symbolic of an unholy place where death results in a fall to the hell called avlci. These fruits of actions occur because of the continuance of the experience of the identification of the Self with the not-self by the individual despite his having received a glimpse of pure knowledge.

Yoga for anxiety for Each Member shall, taking into account the importance of education in eliminating child labour, take effective and time-bound measures to a prevent the engagement of children in the worst forms of child labour b provide the necessary and appropriate direct assistance for the removal of children from the worst forms of child labour and for their rehabilitation and social integration c ensure access to free basic education, and, wherever possible and appropriate, vocational training, for all children removed from the worst forms of child labour d identify and reach out to children at special risk and e take account of the special situation of girls. Each Member shall designate the competent authority responsible for the implementation of the provisions giving effect to this Convention. Source International Labour Organization. Child Labor in North India’s Hand-Woven Carpet Sector, Siddharth Kara, GoodWeave is a U.S.-based international nonprofit organization that works to expose and combat the use of child labor in the making of carpets and rugs. Yoga for anxiety photos, Yoga for anxiety 2016.

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