Yoga for Anxiety

There are a couple of different breath practices that are wonderful for helping deal with symptoms of anxiety bhramari the bumblebee breath is one of them we take the pinky fingers to the corners of the mouth we take the ring fingers to the part of the nose that’s just starting at the top of the nostrils. And then middle finger comes underneath the eye the index finger comes to the top of the eye the thumbs come to that area in front of the ear. And then we press it back.

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So that we can press into the ear canal. And then we begin to hum like a bumble bee, if you take five rounds of bumblebee you will feel very composed and relaxed your mind will be refreshed I’m Deborah Devine for healing yoga.

Yoga for Arthritis

Many of us are dealing with stiffness and pain in the joints arthritis and in some cases arthritis can be exacerbated by food sensitivities or food and tolerances that may not be diagnosed. So there are a number of different things to look at in your diet, if you’re dealing with arthritis, if you begin with an elimination diet where you eliminate dairy and wheat and meat. And you just really focus on vegetables and fruits and lots of liquids you may notice a real difference in the functioning of your joints there are many different recipes out there that are wonderful for reducing inflammation and reducing pain when you’re dealing with arthritis and wheat seems to be a big challenge for many people as is sugar when people take these items out of their diet they notice almost immediate improvements in many cases so they’ve got more range of motion in their joints they have more flexibility in their muscles and they have this wonderful feeling of being able to do more of what they love I’m Deborah Devine for healing yoga.

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