Yoga for Air Travel

Invariably when we’re traveling by air we end up standing in line we stand in line to check in we stand in line to pick up our bags we stand in line at the customs area so standing with awareness and intelligence is so vital let’s come to standing and take the heels a little bit wider than hips. And then we’ll let the toes come in just a little bit. And then we’ll bring our weight toward the back plane of the body toward the heels.

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And we’ll start to feel the energy of the legs revving up go to the pelvic girdle and squeeze and hug the glutes and all of the muscles around the hips in toward the center feel this wonderful lifting of the spine on the front this broadening of the collarbones we feel the shoulder blades come down the back especially on the exhalations we feel this cascading effect of energy coming down rooting us through the heels, if we can maintain this kind of a stance and breathe that is going to really help us when we’re standing in line. And when we sit on the plane being able to take a five part breath can be really wonderful. So we try to get the spine into an upright position. And then we exhale completely feeling the sit bones resting into the seat inhale into the low back. And then into the side ribs then into the front belly.

And then into the upper part of the chest. And then exhale from the back ribs from the side ribs from the front belly. And the chest. And then repeat that breath cycle for maybe ten rounds. And then you’ll feel yourself relaxed you’ll feel energized and you’ll feel very fresh for the flame I’ve never divine for healingyoga.

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