Yoga for 9 year olds

Remember to:

Hold arms high at all times Keep knees straight Relax neck muscles in the forward bend so that head hangs limp

Proceed to next exercise


In this exercise we will not only review, but add an advanced position

C Perform this position learned on Page 20 twice on each side, alternating the sides left-right; left-right Relax for a moment

C Perform this position learned on Page 31 twice on each side, alternating the sides. Relax for a moment.

7 Now we wish to make the stretching still more intensive Therefore, widen the stance once again Feet are placed as far apart as possible Arms are raised as before

Q Bend slowly to the left as before This time take a firm hold on the ankle (Note intense pull on insides of thighs)

If you cannot as yet hold ankle, revert to calf Slowly bring right arm over as far as possible Note now the triangles formed by the limbs Hold without movement for 15

Slowly straighten to upright position

Perform identical movements to right side Hold for 15

Slowly straighten to upright position Slowly lower arms to sides Gracefully bring legs together Relax

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