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Yoga for 9 months pregnant for Animal rights activists also point to abuse of workers rights and dangerous conditions at factory farms and slaughterhouses as further reasons not to support maintenance of these jobs. Many developing countries, such as Brazil, face greater obstacles in developing replacement jobs. Still, economists have found that a shift away from animal use could produce net benefits. Moral Considerations When promoting major social and political changes such as increased rights for animals, one must always remain sensitive to the consequences of these changes.

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Some argue that to suggest an end to the use of animals is offensive to religions, cultures, and ethnic groups that traditionally have relied on the use of animals. Though this is certainly an important consideration, it bears a striking resemblance to arguments made in opposition to movements targeted at ending human oppression, where such opponents relied on their traditions of oppression as a justification for continuance. Advocates suggest that small modifications can be made while maintaining traditions, culture, and religious beliefs in meaningful ways.

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