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Yoga for 70 year olds for These two important developments overlapped in the way in which science, particularly the emerging field of archaeology, was used within the European imperial project. Western countries, backed by their scientific societies, claimed that they had a unique position from which to discern the cultural value of artifacts in newly conquered regions and the expertise to protect the art and artifacts acquired in the interests of civilization.

The underlying assumption was that Western civilization, in the form of European powers and later American possessed a superiority of understanding of the value of art and artifacts from the ancient world. Those claimed higher levels of civilization then created an argument of a moral obligation on the part of the West both to extend their notions of civilization across the globe and to protect the local remnants of cultural patrimony. Often, within these claims was the additional argument that the current inhabitants were latecomers to the area and not the true descendants of the ancient and venerated creators.

That most of the colonized peoples in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East were, in the eyes of Europeans, poor, politically unstable, or previously conquered by other less civilized empires provided grounds for the argument that the contemporary populations were not the descendants of the builders at all but the descendants of other later invaders or true descendants in a reduced and degraded condition through previous conquests and colonization. As an argument to justify their desire to claim the cultural treasures of conquered regions, it was a circular argument that always benefited Western imperial goals. Yoga for 70 year olds photos, Yoga for 70 year olds 2016.

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