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Insert: Floating social identities

The historian Kolff (1990) has shown in his study of the Mughal military market that many semi-nomad and peasant communities specialised in offering military services. Groups of young men would leave their village or community and start wandering to find opportunities. As they left their village they would change social identity and when they returned typically twelve years later, they would return to their old identity as a farmer. So as they wandered and served they would not be seen as a peasant from this or that region, or a Saivite or Sudra. Rather they would take up identities of specialised wandering groups – often warrior-ascetics. This was particularly common among the Rajputs in their early formative years during this period. As they left home they became jogis. According to Kolff, an Indian chronicle legend describes such a Rajput seeking military employment:

âWith a coil of matted hair on his head, and a musical horn (in his hand), and ashes of cow dung (smeared on his body)â.

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