Yoga Fitness Workout for Back

Namaskar I’m baby that and welcome to Anand over power you go for back Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total body fitness power yoga for back will not only help you to strengthen the back muscles. But will also make them flicks with power yoga back technique do you start off with CinemaScope position one and have a good backward Bend and will come to the hip Hinch position from happened you come to the table top. And then a wonderful forward bend improving the legs flexibility the bat flexibility then the lunch pose one leg back both the legs back. And come to the downward facing dog pose from here you just lie down your abdominal take one hand in front now the hand which goes in front that hand. And the opposite leg starts getting up at the same time and again go down. So you lift the opposite leg. And the hammer is in front start up and down once again up and down do it for three four times, if you want to have a breathing pattern you can have inhaling up and exhaling rest inhaling up and exhaling rest.

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And then a changeover take the other hand in front and see movement up down see that the leg which is raised up is not getting bend in the knee it’s going up directly from the head this practice will not only had to spend in the lower back muscle. Because of the leg movement and. Because of the hand movement it is also helping you for your upper back muscles after doing it for 45 times with the other hand. And the leg relax take some breath then take the hands in front by the side of your shoulders and go to downward facing dog pose the downward facing dog pose will help you to relax the back after the workout. And then come back the lunch pose then both the head legs forward even this pose will help you to relax the back. Because it is concentrating on the flexibility then the table talk then up to the head pinch three straight in the back and have a good backward bed and slowly come out, if you see in this one single workout you’re not only having a flexibility workout off your back. But also strengthening workout this is what a power yoga workout is.

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