Yoga Fire Log Pose

Yoga revision Yoga Fire Log Pose

1. Pendulum breathing

Put together your yoga programme against the background of pendulum breathing (learned on Day Two). Get into the swing of this with five pendulum breathing cycles to start your session.

a Four-second pendulum breath in. Concentrate on getting tall. Feel your stomach flatten and your shoulders rise with your chest as you elongate your spine.

b Four-second pendulum breath out as you return to normal height.

2. Stand, stretch and breathe

Practise Stand, stretch and breathe for 10 breaths (synchronized with pendulum breathing as on Day Three).

3. Leg balance and breathe

Practise Leg balance and breathe for 10 breaths, each leg (synchronized with pendulum breathing as on Day Three).

a Four-second pendulum breath in as you lift leg. Concentrate on getting tall.

b Four-second pendulum breath out as you lower leg. Concentrate on its heaviness and lack of tension.

4. Aeroplane

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