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The kilrma mala is the result of accumulated residual impressions of deeds performed by embodied beings during the preceding cycle of creation. These impressions cling to the descending souls that develop within themselves the inclination towards action, and as a result they are equipped with physical bodies to enable them to fulfill the desire to act. These physical bodies themselves are fetters that further ensnare the self-contracted souls, causing them to migrate, lifetime after lifetime, in conformity with the deeds they perform. The kilrma mala not only provides the individual with a physical body, it also provides all the external objects that make up the physical body’s environment, and it provides the physical body with the means of sensing and interacting with that external environment. Monistic Saivism of Kashmir says that when the Lord manifests himself as an individual soul, he does so with two bodies: the subtle and the gross. The subtle body is made up of eight constituents, which are the five vital breaths prams, the organs of knowledge, the organs of action, and the intellect. The gross physical body is temporary and it is destroyed at death. It is made from the five gross elements blultas: ether, wind, fire, water, and earth. The subtle body is permanent, tied to the spiritual monad since the beginning of creation and lasting until the cosmic dissolution. It is the vehicle that permits the transmigration of the spiritual monad from one gross physical body to another.

Almost all schools of Indian philosophical thought, such as the Sankhya, the Yoga, the Nyaya, the VaiSesika, and the Vedanta schools, declare ignorance about one’s true essence to be the root cause of bondage. But all of these schools conceive of ignorance differently in conformity with their world view. Monistic Saivism of Kashmir conceives ignorance to be the result of the freely willed self-contraction of the supreme Lord, a necessary part of his divine play. Liberation AH schools of Indian religious thought consider liberation to be the purpose and the ultimate destiny of all human existence. Each school frames its philosophical views with this in mind and approachs liberation from either a positive or a negative perspective. The negative perspective is that liberation is the negation or destruction of the cause or causes of bondage. The schools approaching liberation from this perspective consider ignorance to be the cause of bondage, and its negation by the knowledge of the true nature of the Self to be liberation. The Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya VaiSesika, Purva Mimamsa, and the Advaita Vedanta schools hold this view of liberation. However there are schools of Indian philosophy, mainly the Vaisnavite and the Saivite schools, that approach liberation from a positive perspective. They teach that liberation is not the withdrawal from a seemingly separate universe, rather it is the realization that the universe and oneself are an inseparable and integral whole.

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