Yoga Extended Side Angle Pose

It may be asked: how is this so? The Yoga Extended Side Angle Pose reply given by the author is that the illumined individual has been freed from the three defilements, the Uliana, mClyiya, and karma wrts that cover his true nature and lie at the Yoga Extended Side Angle Pose root of his transmigration from one physical body to another as well as to the bodies of other species. The subject who is covered by the defilements experiences himself as an embodied subject and has the ego-feeling ahamlti which arises from his identification with the physical body, experiencing such thoughts as I am this, this is mine, this action of mine is meritorious, this is an action of the opposite kind and so on. Such a person accumulates merit and demerit arising from the actions performed by him due to his false ego-sense. But when an individual being is freed from the false ego-feeling which is caused by being covered by the defilements resulting in the non-accumulation of the fruits of the deeds performed by him, he cannot possibly be touched by merit or demerit. This has also been stated in the Yoga Git it thus: He in whom the feeling that I am the doer is absent, he whose intellect does not get ensnared, such a person does not kill even after slaying the entire world, nor is he ensnared by demerit arising from his actions.

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