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Yoga exercises on Tropical trees lack the characteristics that allow the evolution of delayed reciprocity: recognition and memory. We don t. However, even if we can evolve reciprocal behaviour and avoid an arms race between most of us there is still the race between reciprocators and exploiters, and that is unlikely to end in the foreseeable future.77 In 1979 Robert Axelrod designed a computer version of the prisoners dilemma and invited others to submit strategies (in the form of computer programs) to play the game through 200 rounds with all the other strategies. In all 14 strategy programs were submitted, examples being always defect, tit-for-tat (always co-operate on the first round and then do what your partner did thereafter) and always co-operate. Tit-for-tat won hands down, showing that co-operative strategies can evolve and succeed without the need for great amounts of memory (though enough to recognize cooperators and defectors) and we do find them in animal species, e.g. Yoga exercises 2016.

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