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Moreover, he abides as the leader of the great wheel of saktis and bestows freedom to the iaktis, the presiding deities of the senses, controlling their activities such as grasping or relinquishing their objects of enjoyment, etc. Since the senses cannot exist in the absence of their resting place in consciousness from which they derive operative power, they necessarily always serve consciousness, the reservoir of power essential to their functioning. Hence we reject the view that God other than the real Self exists in the hearts of all subjects, and that he is the controller of all the activities in the world. Thus all that is experienced as the universe with its infinite variety manifests in me like the reflection in a mirror; this is exactly what has been conveyed in the verse by the statement that all is manifested as resting in the I. In other words, the I is the soul of all that is manifested as the universe.

Yoga exercise to reduce tummy for Albanese, Jay. Transnational Crime and the st Century Criminal Enterprise, Corruption, and Opportunity. New York Oxford University Press, Allum, Felia, and Renate Siebert. Organized Crime and the Challenge to Democracy. New York Routledge, Andreas, Peter, and Ethan Nadelmann. Yoga exercise to reduce tummy photos, Yoga exercise to reduce tummy 2016.

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