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Yoga exercise poses on Seeing these other beings, Brahma thinks, mistakenly, that his wish has created them. They, seeing that he was there before them, assume that he brought them there, that he created them. The fact is, explains the Buddha, all this is accomplished through the impersonal working of the law of karma (action). HUMAN DESTINY The law of karma is a presupposition, an assumption that is accepted by most schools of Indian religious thought. In other words, it is not something that is demonstrated to exist; it is simply believed to exist. Many texts, Buddhist, Hindu and Jain, describe the workings of the law of karma in varying degrees of detail, but the means by which people can check for themselves whether the universe actually works according to this principle are never provided. The law of karma is accepted in the Hindu tradition, for example, because the Upanisads claim that this is the way the world works. Yoga exercise poses 2016.

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